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Calibration service for Core Sound's TetraMic

As one result of a NDA signed with Core Sound, I can offer a free calibration service for anyone using their TetraMic on a Linux system. Given the serial number, I will provide a TetraProc configuration based on the impulse response measurements performed by Core Sound on your microphone. Currently this configuration does not use the convolution capabilities of TetraProc, but the results are excellent even without that. The combination of a very well designed microphone with IR-based calibration provides an affordable Ambisonic recording system of really suberb quality.

Detecting UHJ encoding

TetraProc/TetraCal screenshots showing some calibration results

Ambdec screenshots

An optimised 2nd order to ITU-5.1 decoder

Some HOA foucussing examples

Not really Ambisonics: The Sonic Chandelier at the Casa del Suono in Parma, Italy

Software can be found on the Linuxaudio page.