The two most famous historic monuments of Parma:

La Cattedrale. As happens often with Italian buildings, the austere exterior provides no hint of the splendour inside.

The magnificent pink marble Battistero.

The historic centre of Parma is a labyrinth of mostly narrow streets.

The Parco Ducale on a rainy winter day.

The Palazzo Ducale in the park is now the home of 'Parma CSI'.

The Palazzo Cusani, now La Casa della Musica - one of the centers of musical activity in Parma.

Inside the Casa della Musica. This place is used for open air concerts in the summer.

The Chiesa Santa Elisabetta, just opposite the Casa della Musica.

This is being restored and will become the Museo del Suono Ripproduto - the Museum of Reproduced Sound. It will contain a collection of vintage sound reproduction equipment and some unique audio installations. This is the project I'm currently working on.

The restoration work inside...

The Piazza della Pace, the centre of Parma.

The arcs are part of the giant Palazzo della Pilotta which contains several musea and the Teatro Farnese.

The Piazza Garibaldi.

Parma was the home of Verdi and Toscanini. This this the Teatro Regio, the opera house of Parma.

The Torrente Parma divides the city in two. There can be much more water flowing in it after a bit of rain in the mountains, 30 km south.